Practical Applications for Quantum Technology: How Far Along Are We?

Date & Time:

March 29th, 2022 | 12pm PT


Quantum computers are some of the hottest new technology today because of the potential promise of this technology. The anticipation and wonder about the future of quantum computing is leading companies large and small to scramble to take advantage of the commercial opportunities this new technology presents. The question of practical application of the technology is still unclear to many, although it is becoming apparent in some fields such as pharmaceuticals and finance. Tune in to learn more about where and how quantum computing technology is applied.


Tom Zuber, Managing Partner, Zuber Lawler


Scott Dybwad, Senior Associate, BLG


Dr. Rob Campbell, Chair of the Quantum Computing Research Program, Capital Technology University

Jeremy Lasman, Co-Founder, Quantum Star Systems

Jean-Francois Bobier, Partner & Director, Boston Consulting Group

Brian Lenahan, Founder & Chair, Quantum Strategy Institute