Huawei’s Deep Dive Into Quantum Computing

Huawei reveals their interest in quantum computing
Zuber Lawler

According to Huawei’s recently filed patent, the company is interested in developing quantum computers.

With a variety of business models, Huawei is no longer just a mobile manufacturer. In light of both Trump and Biden administration’s sanctions against Huawei, Huawei is now even more determined to expand into new markets.

This Chinese company is working on quantum computing devices, according to the latest reports. In the patent filing, Huawei details the development of a “quantum chipset and quantum computing device”. The patent number for this machine is CN114613758A.

Consequently, the quantum chips will comprise the following elements:

  • A coupling structure, cavity mode suppression structure, M sub-chips, and a substrate
  • The M sub-chips arrangement takes place on the surface of the substrate with gaps
  • Each sub-chips consists of N qubits
  • The coupling structure maintains the interconnection between the M sub-chips
  • The cavity mode suppression structure is at the edge of each sub-chip. It is also in the gap of the M sub-chips to increase the cavity mode frequency of the quantum chip
  • Here, the term M and N refers to a positive integer. M is greater than 1, meanwhile, N is greater or equal to 1

“M” subchips in the quantum chipset will reduce the load on production and improve its efficiency.

For example, if a subchip is accidentally damaged, it is removed. And the whole chipset can be repaired or reused so as not to increase the amount of electronic garbage.

A quantum chipset offers some benefits, such as easier assembly and higher yields. Developing quantum chipsets, however, is a difficult process, and there are a lot of technical challenges involved. Aside from this, quantum chipsets offer lower yields than conventional chipsets. By utilizing quantum computing, Huawei hopes to solve these challenges.

The company could aim to conquer a larger market share if it succeeds with its quantum computing program.

A new level of security can be added to our daily activities on the internet with this technology. Furthermore, quantum computing will change the way businesses do business, how people communicate, and how they study.



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