Charting Quantum Horizons: A Conversation with Pedro Lopes, Quantum Advocate at QuEra Computing

Interviewee: Pedro Lopes
Quantum Advocate, QuEra Computing
Interviewer: Tina Dekker
Intellectual Property Associate, BLG



In our latest interview, Quantum Advocate Pedro Lopes delves into the fascinating world of quantum computing. Discover Pedro’s journey into quantum research, his pivotal role as a Quantum Advocate, and QuEra’s groundbreaking technology. Explore the advantages of neutral atoms in quantum computing, real-world applications, and the significance of QuEra’s recent breakthroughs. Gain insights into the challenges and future roadmap of quantum computing, and learn about Pedro’s passion project, the blog “Set Physics to Stun”. Don’t miss this captivating discussion at the forefront of quantum innovation.

Pedro Lopes - Guest

Quantum Advocate, QuEra Computing

Pedro Lopes is QuEra Computing’s Quantum Advocate. With a PhD in theoretical physics, his research career – through Brazil, USA, and Canada – explored topics in quantum matter and topological physics. He is passionate about communicating quantum computing at all levels, developing public-private partnerships, and helping users and developers alike understand ideal entry points in this technology.

Tina Dekker - Host

Intellectual Property Associate, BLG

Tina Dekker is a technology lawyer at BLG with a practice that focuses on patents and intellectual property strategy to assist clients with the commercialization of their technology. Tina graduated from the University of Waterloo with an honours degree in Nanotechnology Engineering, specializing in nanoelectronics, semiconductors, and microfabrication. She continued her studies as a masters student with the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo. Her work included fabricating quantum devices to examine the optical and electronic properties of exotic two-dimensional materials. Tina completed her JD at the University of Ottawa, where she researched, published, and presented on the legal and ethical implications of quantum technologies as a research fellow with the Centre for Law, Technology and Society.

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