Quantum Computing Pioneer John Martinis Unravels the Future of Quantum Technologies

Interviewee: Dr. John Martinis
Experimental Physicist and U.C. Santa Barbara Professor
Interviewer: Brian Beck
Partner at Zuber Lawler



In our latest interview, renowned physicist and quantum computing expert John Martinis delves into the revolutionary potential of quantum technologies. Martinis, known for his groundbreaking work in quantum computing, discusses the latest advancements in the field, highlighting the promise and challenges of building practical quantum computers. He elaborates on the significance of quantum supremacy, the race for achieving fault-tolerant quantum systems, and the potential real-world applications that could reshape industries. Martinis also shares insights into the collaborative efforts driving quantum research and offers a glimpse into the exciting future awaiting the world of quantum computing.

Dr. John Martinis - Guest

Experimental Physicist and U.C. Santa Barbara Professor

John Martinis did pioneering experiments in superconducting qubits in the mid 1980’s for his PhD thesis. He has worked on a variety of low temperature device physics during his career, focusing on quantum computation since the late 1990s. He was awarded the London Prize in Low temperature physics in 2014 for his work in this field. From 2014 to 2020 he worked at Google to build a useful quantum computer, culminating in a quantum supremacy experiment in 2019. He was awarded the John Stewart Bell prize in 2021.

Brian Beck - Host

Partner at Zuber Lawler

Brian Beck is a patent and commercial litigator with extensive experience in technologies including pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, mechanical devices, software, and business methods. His previous representations include successful defenses of trade secret lawsuits concerning manufacturing processes for extended release liquid pharmaceutical formulations and transdermal pharmaceutical formulations, representation of a French biotechnology company in patent litigation concerning gene editing techniques, and representation of a plaintiff pharmaceutical company in patent and trademark litigation concerning nutritional supplement compositions. He is also a registered patent attorney with experience representing parties in inter partes review proceedings.

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