Quantum Leap: SemiQon’s Silicon Spin-Qubits and the Future of Quantum Computing

Interviewee: Himadri Majumdar
CEO, SemiQon
Interviewee: Janne Lehtinen
Chief Science Officer, SemiQon
Interviewer: Brian Beck
Partner, Zuber Lawler



In this insightful episode, Himadri Majumdar and Janne Lehtinen of SemiQon delve into their backgrounds, the formation of their spin-off from VTT, and the cutting-edge developments in quantum computing. They discuss SemiQon’s innovative approach using silicon-based spin-qubit chips, addressing scalability and fabrication challenges, and leveraging existing semiconductor technologies.

The duo also explores SemiQon’s strategic collaborations within the quantum computing ecosystem, their goals for advancing quantum technologies, and the potential societal impacts of these advancements. Himadri also discusses his excitement about speaking at the upcoming IQT Pacific Rim conference in June 2024 and what he is most looking forward to at the international conference for quantum computing.

You can sign up for the IQT conference and join Himadri and more industry executives at the following website: https://iqtevent.com/vancouver/.

Himadri Majumdar - Guest

CEO, SemiQon

Himadri Majumdar is the co-founder and CEO of SemiQon. Himadri has over two decades of innovation and innovation management experience. Prior to SemiQon he was the Program Manager for Quantum Technologies at VTT, leading European and Finnish strategic initiatives in quantum technologies. Himadri was also a founding member of the Finnish Quantum technologies ecosystem, InstituteQ, and led its business arm, BusinessQ. His ambition is to see SemiQon, and quantum technology in general, becoming a Finnish and global success story through cooperation and strategic partnerships. Himadri is also trained as an experimental physicist with a Ph.D in applied physics.

Janne Lehtinen - Guest

Chief Science Officer, SemiQon

Janne is the chief scientist and co-founder of SemiQon. In his role he defines SemiQon’s technology roadmap and overlooks its implementation. New IP creation is also one of Janne’s core responsibilities. Formerly Research Team Leader at VTT’s Quantum Sensors team, Janne has strong domain expertise in spin-qubit and superconducting systems. He has been leading European initiatives in Quantum technology over the last 7 years. Janne has a PhD in Physics from University of Jyväskylä. He has authored significant number of publications and patents in the domain.

Brian Beck - Host

Partner, Zuber Lawler

Brian Beck is a patent and commercial litigator with extensive experience in technologies including pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, mechanical devices, software, and business methods. His previous representations include successful defenses of trade secret lawsuits concerning manufacturing processes for extended release liquid pharmaceutical formulations and transdermal pharmaceutical formulations, representation of a French biotechnology company in patent litigation concerning gene editing techniques, and representation of a plaintiff pharmaceutical company in patent and trademark litigation concerning nutritional supplement compositions. He is also a registered patent attorney with experience representing parties in inter partes review proceedings.

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