Quantum Leap: SemiQon’s Silicon Spin-Qubits and the Future of Quantum Computing

In this insightful episode, Himadri Majumdar and Janne Lehtinen of SemiQon delve into their backgrounds, the formation of their spin-off from VTT, and the cutting-edge developments in quantum computing. They discuss SemiQon’s innovative approach using silicon-based spin-qubit chips, addressing scalability and fabrication challenges, and leveraging existing semiconductor technologies. The duo also explores SemiQon’s strategic collaborations […]

QMware, NVIDIA, and Oracle Join Forces to Develop Hybrid Quantum Computing for Enterprise Application

In a significant move advancing the availability of quantum computing for enterprises, QMware has announced a collaborative effort with NVIDIA and Oracle. This partnership is intended to develop hybrid quantum computing applications by leveraging the strengths of classical computing with emerging quantum computing. QMware’s collaboration with NVIDIA and Oracle may provide a pivotal moment in […]

Charting Quantum Horizons: A Conversation with Pedro Lopes, Quantum Advocate at QuEra Computing

In our latest interview, Quantum Advocate Pedro Lopes delves into the fascinating world of quantum computing. Discover Pedro’s journey into quantum research, his pivotal role as a Quantum Advocate, and QuEra’s groundbreaking technology. Explore the advantages of neutral atoms in quantum computing, real-world applications, and the significance of QuEra’s recent breakthroughs. Gain insights into the […]

2024: A Year of Quantum Breakthroughs and Advances in Cybersecurity?

Here are some promising things to look forward to in the quantum world in 2024: Revolutionizing Security: The Advent of Post-Quantum Cryptography 2024 is expected to be a landmark year for quantum computing, with a focus on cybersecurity. NIST is slated to finalize its post-quantum cryptography standards, addressing the urgent need for crypto agility in […]

Quantum Computing Pioneer John Martinis Unravels the Future of Quantum Technologies

In our latest interview, renowned physicist and quantum computing expert John Martinis delves into the revolutionary potential of quantum technologies. Martinis, known for his groundbreaking work in quantum computing, discusses the latest advancements in the field, highlighting the promise and challenges of building practical quantum computers. He elaborates on the significance of quantum supremacy, the […]

Quantum Computing In Education: Bridging The Knowledge Gap

Quantum computing is a powerful new technology that will revolutionize the speed of, and the applications available for, computation.  It is here now, and is no longer science fiction. It already has many applications, from cryptography to pharmaceutical development, and holds immense potential in the immediate future.  This potential can be achieved, however, only if […]

Quantum Computing and the Looming Threat to Cybersecurity

Quantum computing, once a realm of academic exploration, has now transitioned into tangible commercial opportunities, ushering in a wave of optimism and concern in equal measure. While quantum computing promises transformative leaps in computing power, it also poses a significant threat to cybersecurity. The implications of granting cyber attackers access to quantum computers are akin […]

J. Robert Oppenheimer’s Legacy in Quantum Mechanics

The release of the film “Oppenheimer” in July 2023 has brought renewed attention to the renowned scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer’s life. While Oppenheimer is primarily remembered as the key figure behind the development of the atomic bomb, his early contributions to the field of quantum mechanics have had a lasting impact on modern quantum chemistry. […]

Canadian Researchers Develop Technique to Record Holograms Using Quantum Photonics

Recently, a group of researchers from the University of Ottawa, the National Research Council of Canada, and Imperial College London published a study in which they developed a new method of recording holograms using quantum particles. What is Holography? While holograms are a frequent trope in the futuristic worlds of science fiction, the process for […]

How Scary is Quantum Computing?

Hardly a day goes by when a major article about quantum computing does not appear prominently in the media, often in conjunction with artificial intelligence.  Many of those articles describe – with wonder – the fantastic possibilities that are expected to result from this technology.  But many articles quiver in fear about quantum computing and […]